Deep dropping with electric reels is not by any means a new style of fishing. It has just gotten better.

While most people have never even heard of deep dropping, it is an extremely fun style of fishing that not many other charter fishing boats offer. The only reason the other charter boats do not offer it is because it can be expensive on tackle. I do offer it because I extremely enjoy deep drop fishing.

The reason it’s called Deep Drop Fishing is because you’re fishing in a depth of anywhere between 600 feet and 2000 feet deep on the bottom.

There have been fish caught out in the Atlantic off of Marathon, Florida that even the University of Miami and Mote Marine laboratory have never even seen before.

So you can expect to know what you’re going to catch but you still never know when that one fish may take the hook.

Another great reason for Deep Drop Fishing in the Florida Keys is it can add fish to your cooler while offshore fishing for other species like Dolphin, Tuna, wahoo, triple tail, and sailfish.

Fish to Catch Deep Drop Fishing in the Florida Keys

Most of the species that we target while deep dropping is snowy grouper, tilefish, queen snapper, barrel fish, blackbellied rose fish, and swordfish. All of these fish have five star table ratings.

A snowy grouper is by far one of the best tasting grouper species that you can catch. Snowy grouper usually range between 25 pounds and upwards of almost 60 pounds. So one fish can feed almost in or me or makes several dinners for your family and friends.

The blue line tilefish is an excellent eating fish. Not quite as big as a snowy grouper but you can usually catch more than one at a time.they’re beautiful white firm fillets make my mouth water just thinking about them.

Fishing off of Marathon is the best place in the world to fish for queen snapper. We have the biggest queen snapper that you can catch. The average size of a queen snapper is anywhere between 8 and 25 pounds going up to 30 pounds.

Queen snapper is probably one of the most fun fish to catch. From the time you hook up to him, to the time you get them in the boat they never stop fighting. Their table fare is no slouch either. With big thick meaty white fillets you can cook ’em anyway you want and they are great eating.

Blackbellied rosefish are in abundance in certain areas. Although small in size they are excellent eating. A lot of people compare rosefish to hog snapper. With their white meat almost being translucent, they’re one of the most mild eating fish that you can eat.  Only growing to a couple of pounds there are no size or bag limits on these fish. Usually you can catch them 2, 3, and four at a time, filling the cooler with a quickness.

Barrel fish. What can I say about barrel fish. They look like they just came out of the Star Wars Cantina. With big old eyes and one of the slimiest fish you’ve ever seen in your life. You can only get excited about seeing these fish after you’ve eaten one. With thick white fillets you can cook them anyway you want. One way that you would never imagine to prepare these fish is to over cook them on the grill. Cut them and do fish fingers and dip them in butter. It has a flavor like a lobster only better. With these fish weighing anywhere between 15 pounds to 30 pounds the meat adds up quick.

Swordfish. A trophy fish that can take hours to heave up from the deep. Weighing  up to 650 pounds these fish can be monsters. If you want to target one of these fish you better have a plan for the meat. Just imagine hooking a billfish in over 1700 feet of water and having him come up and throw his giant head around above the water. It is a site that you will never forget. It is only been about six or seven years now that we have been targeting the swordfish during the daytime in the Keys. Up till then swordfishing was only a nighttime activity as they feed on the surface during the night and on the bottom during the day.

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