Marathon of the Florida Keys offers all kinds of fishing adventures, from offshore fishing for larger pelagics to shallow water fishing in the Bay. Here is a list of the different areas you can fish while on a Marathon charter fishing trip, including descriptions of some local fishing spots.

Fishing Spots in Marathon and The Florida Keys

Offshore/Deep Sea Fishing
Marathon Humps
Reef Fishing
Florida Bay/Gulf Fishing

The bay is much deeper in Marathon than in other neighboring islands of the Keys and provides a unique fishing experience. As far as 15 miles north of Marathon, you will find natural ledges numbering in the hundreds as well as artificial reefs which are havens for all kinds of fish. Plan on fun and fast-paced fishing with the species you will find there. It’s also the perfect choice on rough-weather days when fishing the reef or offshore is not an option. For both of these reasons, consider a charter in the Marathon bay when planning a family fun fishing trip.

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