marathon fishing charters mutton snapper

Mutton snapper is one of the largest snapper to target in Florida Keys. While out on the charter we will be fishing anywhere from 40 feet all the way up to 250 feet of water. These fish like to hang around reef bottoms and out in the deep water around the reefs and wrecks. These are very beautiful fish that have red pink and yellow colors on them with a black spot on their backs. These fish can weigh anywhere around 8 to 25 pounds on average.

Fishing live baits near the bottom while power drifting is how we target them. You’re bycatch is no slouch either while fishing for mutton snapper. You can hook up to big grouper jack crevelle and amberjack which are very hard fighters. Also very common is the Atlantic Sharpnose shark which is usually around 3 feet long and puts up a great fight.

Mutton snapper is excellent fried, blackened, baked, or boiled there’s no wrong way to cook ’em. If you’re too tired after catching these fish I can point you in the right direction to some of the finest restaurants in town who will cook your fish to the finest degree.

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