January 2016 Fishing Report


This has been one of the wettest January’s  on record. I do believe that we’ve had more rain this month then we do in spring. Although the fish don’t mind because they’re already wet. Fishing this month has been very good as January usually is. It didn’t seem to matter where you went whether it be in the gulf of Mexico or to the Atlantic ocean there was a big good quality fish to be found.


Atlantic Ocean Wrecks

The wrecks this month has been very productive out of little deeper. 50+ pound Amber Jack’s, big Jack crevelles, and Mutton snapper has not been a problem bending the rods. Using live bait’s on long leaders is a sure way to success. Sharks also on some of the wrecks if not the targeted species presented sometimes a problem. On a couple of the Deepwater wrecks off marathon, it seemed like a most every fish you hooked was eaten by a shark. Until of course we rigged for the shark. Then the problem became landing the shark which was not an easy task and took over an hour to land. Thank God for Gatorade!


The Reef

The reef this time of the year has been awesome! Big flag yellowtail in between 20 and 27 inches and No shortage of them. Also this time of the year is not uncommon to hook up to some nice mutton snapper while yellow tailing in shallower water. Never forget the drop-down a big live bait if you’re over good bottom because the amberjack’s were also on the roof this time of the year. I couldn’t tell you how many fish got hit by other bigger fish while reeling them in.


The Gulf

This is the time of year you want to spend most your days fishing the gulf waters off of Marathon in the Florida Keys. This time of the year can be a bit windy here which would make it sometimes a little rough to fish the ocean. And that’s what makes the Gulf of Mexico a great place to fish. On a windy day there could be 5 to 7 foot seas on the Atlantic Ocean and 1 to 2 foot seas in the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes having a smaller boat under 30 foot is an advantage to get under the bridges so days fishing is not missed. The bigger boats for the big flybridge is on top cannot make it under the low bridges the connect the islands together. They’re only option is to fish the Atlantic Ocean. While the big boats are docked my boats can go under the bridges and fish the gulf with much calmer and very fishy!


This time of the year is awesome cobia fishing. With average of 20 to 50 pound fish that will test the ability of any seasoned  angler and greenhorn alike. Fishing the Wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico is never a dull time. And that’s what makes it great! There is always fish to be caught and keeps everybody on the boat very busy.

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