Marathon Fishing Report: April 2015

April what a great time of the year to fish! From inshore to the reef to the offshore there are spectacular fish and memories waiting for you. View some of the pics taken during April fishing charters in Marathon to see what’s in store for you! Click the images to view full size & be sure to read the report beneath the fish pics! 

Fishing the Bridges

If you’re looking to tackle the Silver King, this is the time of the year to do it. Tarpon at the bridges usually range between 30 pounds to possibly over 200 pounds. What spectacular leaps and jumps and runs. This could be the fish fighting experience of a lifetime. We’re using live baits ranging from crabs, mullet, and pinfish. The strike when the tarpon go after the bait is an awesome experience! Getting these fish to the boat is no cakewalk, let me tell you. These fish are smart! You have to immediately chase these fish because they know all they have to do is go around the bridge piling to cut the line and be released. It is usually not their first rodeo. After you have succeeded at that task, then you have to worry about the sharks! Many a tarpon has become victim to a hungry shark when you have them on the end of the line. Also when they are beside the boat during picture time it is very possible for a large shark to want to take him right off your hands.

Fishing the Reef

This is a great time of the year for larger size yellowtail. Numbers are not usually the problem. With the water still on the cooler side you can target these fish in usually around 40 to 50 feet of water. If you’re looking for a lot of meat that’s delicious to eat and usually easily caught, then a Marathon reef fishing charter is right up your alley.

Fishing the Wrecks

During this time of the year, fishing the Marathon wrecks is usually extremely fun. This is the time of the year that permit go out to deeper water to spawn. If you’re looking for a fish that is fun to catch, that fights like the dickens, and is absolutely beautiful to take pictures with, this is it. Fishing with live crabs drifting your baits over the deepwater wrecks is how you target them. But these aren’t the only fish that you can catch on the wrecks – you can also go after big amberjacks, Jack Crevalles, and the most tasty – mutton snapper.

Fishing the Offshore

An offshore fishing charter in Marathon this time of the year offers some of the best chances you have of getting big dolphin. Fishing with live bait and artificial baits you can usually load the cooler with as many fish as you can handle. There are also great chances of getting wahoo and sailfish while fishing the deep blue waters of the Gulfstream. If you like tuna it should be no problem to catch as much as you want. We have caught as many as 33 tuna before we decided at lunchtime that we wanted to go after something else. If you’re really looking to test your strength and endurance this is also the time to drop down a little deeper and look for that huge amberjack. But just remember, if you do this you made this choice and you have to fight through it.

Fishing the Gulf

The mangrove snapper bite in the Gulf this time of the year is still very good. With many of the wrecks producing mangroves averaging 2 to 3 pounds it doesn’t take many to add up to a lot of meat. There’s also cobia usually still around on the wrecks. And as always if you’re looking for sport, shark fishing is usually more than people can handle. With an average weight of 30 to 150 pounds these Sharks will make the drags scream.

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