Marathon Fishing Report: August 2015

When it’s hot , it’s hot! And let me tell you it’s hot! If you can’t take the heat, spray yourself off and keep fishin’.

Dolphin caught on charter in Marathon FL

Nice dolphin caught offshore in August

Offshore Marathon Fishing Charters:

Dolphin dolphin dolphin. Finally they have been what they should have been all year. Not just the number but size as well. Some really nice dolphin we caught this month. With really nice weed lines and a lot of floating debris including a refugee raft we found first thing in the morning. The fish came together and allowed us to bring in some big dolphin and good numbers. Also they opened snowy grouper back up for 10 days which they have never done before. So that meant that we had to get some while out fishing for dolphin. Missed my mark on the first drop but not the second.

fish caught on a wreck fishing charter in Marathon FL

Nice catch on the Marathon wrecks

The deep wrecks :

The deep wrecks have been harder to fish lately. With the current moving pretty fast it’s hard to keep a bait down where you want it for the mutton snapper. The vermillion snapper has been biting real well on most of the wrecks.

The reef:

Mangrove snapper has been slowing down a little bit as we get to the end of the spawn. Just going a little deeper from 25ft to around 40ft has made a difference in catching some of those big snapper.

The gulf:

There again I have not fished the gulf this month. Most people that come this time of year know how nice the weather is and know that it’s the time to be offshore chasing dolphin.

Fish on the dock after charter

A great way to end the day.

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