Marathon Fishing Report: September 2015

lots of dolphin caught on charter

Dolphin and more dolphin in September

September is still a great time of year to fish in Marathon. Most of the families have left with school starting and the water is open to fish. A lot less boats on the water. Also it’s a great time of year for me to take time off and vacation. As I write this I’m on a plane returning from Canada where I tagged along on a moose hunting trip. The trip was great. I was about 3hrs north of Thunder Bay Canada in the middle of nowhere. No cell phone service and not many other people. I went with a group of people that I fish every year. Even though I was not allowed to shoot a moose it was a great experience. The trees ,lakes, fish, birds, and even seen a big black bear while bird hunting. He didn’t stick around for pictures unfortunately. But it was extremely beautiful and the best part – seasonably warm. Most days were around 55-70 degrees. But enough about that, I can go into details on the boat when we’re fishing.

Offshore: Dolphin Mania

dolphin on charter in marathon FL Keys

Dolphin season is in full swing!

Still the best choice this time of year. Plenty of weeds and floating debris , dolphin has not been a problem finding or catching. Nice size 30+ pound fish were taken almost everyday.

dolphin on gaff

He’s a gaffer.

dolphin caught by the dozens in Marathon

Did I mention dolphin season was here?

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