Tarpon, the great Silverking! If you’re looking for a fight, Buddy you have found it!

When the fish migrate down the coast following the mullet run during the spring, these fish will stack in large numbers around our bridges.

Primarily using live bait consisting of mullet, crabs, and pinfish are the best ways to ensure getting hooked up.

Just imagine a tarpon up to 200 pounds inhaling your bait, and jumping up to 10 feet in the air once he feels that hook penetrate his mouth. But they don’t just stop there they also go on blistering runs which can take 200 to 300 yards of line in one shot!

So as soon as you hook up to one, you have to get rid of your anchor and start your boat and chase that fish as fast as you can before he gets around the pilings on the bridges. These fish are no dummies, they know and understand their habitat and definitely use it to their advantage.

But wait there’s even more! The other challenge that you must face is the great hammerhead shark. I’ve seen it 1000 times where you’re fighting your tarpon and there’s a 1000 pound hammerhead chasing your tarpon for his dinner.

So with all that being said you don’t always get to land every fish you hook, but it’s still exciting to hook up to a tarpon!

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