The deeper wrecks off Marathon is usually where all the big boys live. Using live bait, dropping down anywhere from 115 feet deep to 250 feet deep, is usually what we’ll do when looking for mutton snapper, amberjacks, Almaco jack, Big Jack Crevalle, Vermillion snapper, and sharks.

This type of fishing usually involves tired, achy muscles and groin bruising.

None of these fish want to leave the deep and will show you that they don’t want to leave the deep. There is no doubt in your mind when one of these bad boys inhales your bait.

I can’t count how many times the rod has bent in half and someone says…

“Oh my God, I’m hooked on the bottom.”

That’s when I reply with laughter…

“The bottom doesn’t fight back- that’s a fish!”

…And the struggle begins…

I’ve had customers worn out within two hours of fishing and couldn’t take any more. Nowhere else in the world can you do that.

Fish You Might Catch on a Marathon Wreck Fishing Charter

Mutton snapper is one of the largest snappers there are. Usually ranging between 10 pounds up to 30 pounds, not only do these fish bring a battle with them, they are top-notch table fare. I still get giddy when I see that big pink snapper rise from the deep. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

Amberjacks a.k.a. reef donkey. Average size between 15 to 50 pounds these guys can exceed 100 pounds in weight. Most people have no clue that they can easily hook up to a fish that fights so hard. They will test you with every ounce of strength and agility that you can muster. After hooking up to one of these guys you can never look at freshwater fishing the same again. It will ruin you!

For some reason or another they have always been bagged as poor table food. This is truly not the case. With fish ranging from 28 inches to 34 inches and handled properly they are excellent eating. Don’t believe me, try one for yourself and I’ll make you a believer.

Jack Crevalle is another member of the jack family. Much taller with flatter sides and that forked tail they put up one hell of at fight. Even fishing with tight drags, they will pull line right off the reel. A couple of these guys caught and you will need to take a break!

Vermilion Snapper is a bright red snapper that swarm around the deep water wrecks. We’ll usually catch them 2-4 at a time. What they lack in size, they make it up for on the plate. Pure white meat and very mild, they are very close to a yellowtail snapper.

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