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Fishing Dolphin in the Florida Keys

Dolphin may be one of the most exciting fish you can catch on the face of the earth. You start by trolling the edge of a weed line, or a rip where the currents meet, or a color change or if you find some debris floating in the water like a wood pallet. Once you hookup on the troll, the rest of the school of fish follow the hooked fish right to the back of the boat. Just seeing these beautiful fish in clean clear blue offshore waters is breathtaking.

Pitching chunk baits and live baits to the schooling fish around the hooked fish is how we produce multiple numbers. It is fast and furious fishing. The fight that a dolphin puts up is amazing. It runs, jumps, and dives down deep and runs side to side. You never know how each dolphin is going to fight. This is the type of fish that you can fish for a day and feed a family for a year. You are allowed 10 per person and the fish has to be 20 inches to the fork with most of them weighing 8+ pounds up to 50+ pounds.

They are also very delicious eating fish! You can fry and bake and broil them anyway you want – they are good every which way. Before going out for dolphin you have to make plans what you are going to do with the fish caught because there’ll be many pounds of meat. If cooking them yourself is not an option, I can direct you to a couple favorite local restaurants that will cook them to perfection for you. All around, from fishing to eating your catch, the experience you get with dolphin is one of a kind.

To get an approximate idea of when dolphin are in season, check out our handy Florida Keys Fishing Calendar. To find out more about booking one of our Marathon fishing charters, call Capt. Brent Kindell at 305-481-9018 or use the contact form.

Florida Keys Fishing Calendar

Fishing in The Florida Keys, Marathon is available all year round and this calendar can help you see when a it’s best per type of fishing. From Dolphin to Tarpon, your day aboard will be unforgettable!

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